Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010, Day 31

Ouch. I like to wear lounge-y clothes on Sundays, but hate how this looks here. I’m hoping (again) that it’s cuter in real life, but maybe it’s not. I got both pieces at James Perse. The top is a man’s size small and I bought it because I liked the color and thought the volume would offset the tightness of the skirt. Instead I look like a linebacker with boobs. I’ll still probably wear this outfit around the house, but never again out. I’ll definitely change before we take the kids for sushi tonight.

Saturday, January 30, 2010, Day 30

I LOVE this outfit. I LOVE this project! I always “save” this sweater for skiing because it looks so lodge-y and I think I’m going to be too hot in it in L.A. and I don’t like having to take it on and off.

But I’m not going skiing this year (I don’t snow ski anyway -- Gary’s taking the kids in March) and I have this project going on so I HAD to wear it and I loved it all day. It stays pretty cold in our house and never got above the mid sixties outside so I never did have to take it off. It’s by Phillip Lim and I bought it – on sale – at Heidi Says on Fillmore. I’ve paired it with some Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent leggingsI bought at Dash and another pair of black boots from Gimme Shoes.

Gary and I saw an Avatar matinee and then stayed home with the kids. I felt very comfortable and chic all day.

Friday, January 29, 2010, Day 29

Here is the perfect reason that this is such an awesome project. I have had this Alexander McQueen dress sitting in my closet for a few years now and this is only the second time I’ve worn it.*

Today we met Adam Gross at Blum and Poe to look at art and have some lunch. Gisela met us there. We had excellent Italian food and saw Suzanne Vielmetter’s new gallery. Then we headed over to the PDC for Art Los Angeles Contemporary – yes, the third art show this month. That’s why I can have so much fun with fashion – I always seem to have somewhere to wear it.

This dress was bought for at least half off at Theodore in the Commons. I’m finding that I bring up that I got things on sale a lot. I definitely buy some of my most favorite, yet unexpected pieces this way. This dress for example. I probably wouldn’t have considered it at full retail and definitely was not in the market for a grey dress. But there it was, on the sale rack, to be looked over and decided upon, all of a sudden in my price range and just my size.

So then why don’t I wear it all the time? Aside from it being a bit dressy, and maybe me being a creature of habit, I would have to say the truth is because I usually had something newer to wear. Something I just bought. So here I am, being forced to wear this gorgeous dress again because of my commitment to this project. Poor me. See why I LOVE this project? I had NO CHOICE but to wear this old thing again. I felt beautiful and lovely all day and will definitely wear it more often now.

These boots are from Freelance. It was this cool shoe store we found when we got to Amsterdam on our honeymoon. However, I bought this particular pair at their Beverly Hills location years ago before they closed. They are similar, but not quite identical, to the pair I said no to on our honeymoon because I was trying to be frugal and was buying another pair of boots and a couple pairs of shoes already. Not to make you run out and max out your cards, but I find, when traveling at least, it’s the things I say no to I regret, rather than the things I’ve bought. The boots are lined in hot pink and while I love the idea of them, they are not the most comfortable pair of boots I own and I changed into a much more comfortable pair early in the day.

I’m also wearing the first piece of vintage jewelry we ever bought – a seed pearl and diamond necklace from 1910. It’s from Alex Broad at Empire Diamond. He was at a fundraiser for Our House and 20% of the price went to the charity. I have loved vintage jewelry ever since.

* The first time was to the French Laundry for dinner with Gary, Rachel and Russell. John was supposed to come, but was really sick the night of the dinner. Russell lucked out by being available to sub at the last minute.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010, Day 28

So today I ended up just staying in my yoga clothes since I had a dentist appointment after class and didn’t get home until 2 ½ hours before my massage. Is it somehow cheating to wear workout clothes for this project or should I cycle through all my sweatpants? I haven’t decided yet, but I like how you can see my closet behind me. I still have a lot to get through, as you can see.

I take yoga at Inner Power right by Gelson’s in Calabasas. It’s become very convenient since there is my nail salon, dry cleaners and a couple of gift shops in the same center. I bought the top and pants at Inner Power a few years back and have both items in a few different colors.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010, Day 27

Today I am wearing one of the first things I bought at Dash. I would have never even looked at it except that the very sweet woman working there that day (which, I think was ironically Khortney before all the fame swelled her head and fouled her mouth) brought it to my dressing room and suggested I try it on. I have loved it ever since and wear it all the time. It’s funny the way other people can get you out of a rut and show you something totally different if you let them.

I am wearing it with a pair of Level 22 jeans – have you ever heard of that brand? Neither had I. I bought them at a terrific little place called Lolita’s on Ventura Blvd. near Something’s Fishy. I used to get my hair done right next door and would make sure I had an extra 15 minutes before my appointment so I could nose around in there beforehand. It’s run by two young, beautiful sisters. I totally stopped going when my hair person moved hair salons, but I think it’s still there. I should go back at the end of this project. I bought a lot of really cute things there.

Under the cardigan, I am wearing a sleeveless sweater I borrowed from Lynn and she told me to keep (Thank you Lynn). It has a dragon on the front all done up in sequins and I sparkle when the sun hits it just right. It’s so nice seeing the sun after all that rain.

I went grocery shopping and Rachel came over for lunch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010, Day 26

Here we have an ancient pair of Banana Republic pants I haven’t worn in years, yet they feel really good on. I am wearing them with a white linen Theory button down I’m not sure I’ve ever worn. I bought it with a short-sleeve version and a lovely black linen Theory skirt years ago at Lisa Kline on Robertson. I ended up giving the skirt and short sleeve blouse to Molly and I love it when she tells me she wears them. They deserve to be worn and enjoyed. I find I have a much easier time letting go of clothes when I know they are going to good homes.

I have on a little black cardigan by Lutz that I really love plus my new gorgeous Christmas present – a chunky double-breasted sweater by Chanel. I also have on a 19th century gold watch chain with a beautiful, jade and coral fob at the end. I bought it at Mureta’s on Fillmore in San Francisco where I found my grape ruby ring.

I originally put on a pair of black Doc Marten Mary Janes I bought on our honeymoon at a very cool three story Doc Marten store in London's Covent Garden. They looked really bad in the first photograph and pinched my toes. I traded them for these gorgeous black patent leather Marc By Marc Jacobs shoes that hurt even worse. I’ll probably be donating both of them to charity soon.

It’s freezing and supposed to rain. I have been writing all morning and thoroughly enjoying it. We’re going to see Omid’s new place tonight and have some sushi at Wa.

Through the window you can see part of the house that got painted at he party on Saturday.

Monday, January 25, 2010, Day 25

Ooh! I just love the cords I am wearing today! I love them so much I bought them in three colors at the AG store on Robertson. I am wearing them with a great white James Perse shirt that is partly made from jersey material. They make them in men’s and women’s and everyone should own one. The sweater is by Zero. I have on my Florentine & Baker short boots that I bought at Gimme Shoes on Fillmore. I love wearing them to the airport because they are so easy to take on and off through security.

I love wearing comfortable clothes on Mondays. I have a meditation class in the morning and will be taking the kids to the dentist in the afternoon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010, Day 24

This looked cuter in real life…I think. The navy blue sweater is Heidi Says private label from San Francisco. The pants are by Maria Inez. The shoes Addidas Super Stars. It was sunny, but cold. Elodie had a horse-back riding lesson and we took the kids to dinner at Wolfgang Puck Bistro.

Saturday, January 23, 2010, Day 23

Today was Graydon’s birthday party. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. The grass was still pretty swampy so we canceled the obstacle course and had the whole party in the front of the house where the gravel is. It’s pretty cool because we always have the parties in the back and it was nice to be able to enjoy a different part of the house. We had the Game Coach* and El Taco Llama.** At the last minute, I dragged out the cardboard playhouse and had the kids paint it. There was a piñata.

I am wearing a striped sweater by Jay McCarrol and my favorite skinny jeans by Chip & Pepper. It’s a big deal I’m wearing them knowing it’s just the once, officially. The boots are Born and I bought them at Leap in Calabasas, before it turned into Little Blue. They are super comfortable.

Later there will be a piñata. Graydon has become such a great kid and we’re so lucky to have him.

*The Game Coach is a guy with a trailer containing every computer game known to gamers, including, my favorite, Rockband.

**El Taco Llama was first discovered by Gary at someone's birthday party when the kids were still in preschool. They bring out a steam cart and make very delicious, authentic Mexican food.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010, Day 22

Like my hair? I got it cut today. I picked the style out of the latest Anthropologie catalog. I think Mary did a great job. She works at Hairlab right on Ventura near Fallbrook. I see a lot of neighbors when I go there and feel so blessed it’s so close to home. Mary is ready to give birth to her second child, a daughter, but I highly recommend her to anyone when she is back from maternity leave in a few weeks. She is the best. She cuts Gary’s and the kids’ hair too.

I’m wearing a pair of Rag & Bone jodhpurs which are the only thing I’ve bought so far from I wish I had gotten them a size smaller as they tend to stretch out during the day. I am wearing them with a man’s Comme des Garcon cashmere sweater I bought on sale at Madison Gallery. I bought Gary the same one in large. I have on my Anna Demuelmeester boots. It was freezing all day (in the 40’s) so I was able to enjoy my big sweater-coat by Sonia Rykel (not pictured). It’s rarely this cold during the day.

Still raining. I left here and went to see Mark Cutler and the one bedroom unit he designed at the W Residences in Hollywood. Once again, he did a sensational job and made inspired decisions. Afterward, we walked down Hollywood Boulevard in the rain and had a very nice lunch at Musso & Frank’s.

When I got home I loaded the kids in the car and went to Smart and Final. It’s Graydon’s birthday party tomorrow and we needed candy for the piñata.

Thursday, January 21, 2010, Day 21

Still raining. I put on these DNA “jeggings” which apparently is the name coined for denim leggings – there was a whole article in the Image section of the L.A. Times. I was sure I’d be wearing my rain boots and wanted something that would tuck right in when I picked up the kids – and I picked up the kids – separately and one hour apart. That’s a lot of opportunity to get soaked on a day like today.

I love this sweater. It’s by Lily McNeal and I bought it at Planet Blue a few years ago. The boots I bought for the ridiculously low, clearance-price of $4.99 at the Smith and Hawken that used to be on Fillmore in San Francisco. I was amazed they had my size.

When I went out, I threw on a big heavy Miss Sixty’s navy blue coat. It has a brown shearling-like zip-out lining. I would never have bought it except there it was, on sale* at Miss Sixty’s across from the Fred Segal on Melrose. I do love it.

One of the reasons I love sales so much is because it makes me consider a wider range of items than I normally would at full price.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010, Day 20

I wore something different during the day and then changed into this to go to the L.A. Art Show down at the Convention Center with Gary, Gisela and Steve. The leather leggings are by Elise Overland and I bought them at Madison Gallery. I’m wearing them with a nice light Tom Scott sweater and a scarf by Lutz. At least three people told me they really liked the scarf at the show and it’s the first time I’ve worn it. I’m not much for scarves, but will definitely wear it again based on that feedback. The boots are Florentine & Baker and I bought them at Madison in the Topanga Plaza with the boots from January 8.

It was raining and I wore that Jean Paul Gautier trench coat (not pictured) I bought with the dress from January 4. It has purple silk lining and a bow at my lower back. I bought it for a huge sum from Theodore in Beverly Hills – it was love at first sight. Rachel was with me.

We had a great time at the show. We ran into Adam Gross, Marc Selwyn, Danny First and a bunch of other familiar faces. We also saw Brad Howe who is the artist who made the mobile hanging above our kitchen table. We ran into Ariana Lambert, owner of Lily Lodge on Robertson and the best flower shop in my opinion.

Gisela’s art was hanging at David Lawrence. We are so proud of her!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010, Day 19

It has been just raining and raining! Today I went to yoga and then came home and put this on. The dress is by Clu and is not Gary’s favorite – too shapeless, I suppose. I’ve layered it over a long sleeve James Perse t-shirt and under a sweater vest by Lutz. I could have just about any shoes on as the dress is very long and they wouldn’t show, but I went for another pair of black boots I bought at – guess where – Gimme Shoes in San Francisco. I will wear my rubber rain boots when I take Elodie to CCD.

Monday, January 18, 2010, Day 18

It’s so funny to us that the all the news reports are calling this “the worst storm in years.” Aren’t we in a drought? Wouldn’t this then be the best storm in years since it will bring us much-needed rain?

Today is Graydon’s birthday! We are taking him to Target and to Barnes & Noble to cash in some gift cards. I am wearing a typical outfit of jeans, sweater, and yes, tennis shoes. This outfit and my tendency to wear the same or similar outfits everyday is what prompted this project. I am giving myself a pass today because it is raining and we are headed to the Topanga Plaza where I anticipate we will all rack up major mileage walking through the mall.

The jeans are Levis and I bought them in Santa Barbara with Gary during our first ever weekend away together. This was in November, 1998. These jeans have served me well and are still my go-to pair for inclement weather. The sweater is from the gift shop at the Four Seasons Aviara. I bought it years ago when Graydon and I went with Melanie Abrams and her daughter Sophie to Legoland and stayed overnight.

Sunday, January 17, 2010, Day 17

Today we went to church at Our Lady of The Angels Cathedral downtown. We took Grandma Marilyn with us. We had been talking of visiting for ages and finally put something on the calendar. It’s a beautiful cathedral, but the best part was seeing the Robert Graham sculpture over the doors. We are big Robert Graham fans and I have a very small sculpture by him on my desk.

I am wearing a Phillip Lim dress I bought on sale at “Heidi Says” on Fillmore in San Francisco. The jacket is Channel which I was lucky enough to find at Decades Two, also on sale. As it is my first and (so far) only Channel jacket, I am very happy it is so wearable. The lining is silk and feels so good slipping on. There is a small chain sewn into the bottom inside hem to weight the lining down and help it lay right. Such lovely details. I have on an antique flower brooch Gary bought me from Andy Steinberg. He finds such beautiful things. There are small diamonds in the center the move when you shake them – the are on a “quiver setting.” The beautiful gold petals are hinged individually so the flower can open and close. It’s from France.

The boots are Sergio Rossi and I bought them at the Neiman’s in Valley when it first opened. The belt is from Planet Blue and I have the same one in brown.

Elodie has become quite the stylist. She really enjoys fashion and is more daring than me. I am chronicling her wardrobe and always look forward to her choices.

After church, we came home and I changed into lounging clothes. We made a fire and read the paper the rest of the day as the rain began to fall.

Saturday, January 16, 2010, Day 16

Today I am wearing a pair of white terry cloth Juicy Couture sweat pants and a Stacia hooded sweater. Who knows where I got the pants – probably Planet Blue or else Neiman’s on sale. I have an almost identical pair in white velour. The sweater is from Dash. I have on my MBT tennis shoes which are the kind that are supposed to make walking a workout. I feel like they make me taller and my posture is better which is good since the pants are a bit long.

I always told Elodie she could get her ears pierced when she was ready to and today was the day. We went to Topanga Mall which really is a workout, no matter what shoes you wear. We got her ears pierced at Claire’s. Mia had the excellent idea to make sure there were two girls working so both ears could be pierced at once. She was so brave.

We had no plans tonight I lolled around in the sweats all night and we watched “It Might Get Loud” on Blue Ray. It was awesome. I love staying home.

Friday, January 15, 2010, Day 15

Today I had plans with Stine to go to PhotoL.A. in Santa Monica. We met Rebecca Morse from MOCA and some art lovers for a tour through the show with her. It’s always great having someone from the “art world” to experience art with. They always seem to add a layer of depth to the experience I would be hard pressed to achieve on my own. I bought a great photograph from Bill Owen’s Suburbia Series called, “We’re really happy. Our kids are healthy, we eat good food, and we have a really nice home.” It was taken in 1973 in a track home with power lines visible outside. The woman is feeding their baby and the man is gripping a scotch on the rocks. I love Bill Owens. He worked freelance for a newspaper and when worked slowed down, he began taking photos of the new suburbia developing all around him– he really captured some special moments in time.

I am wearing a dress I found while shopping at Prada with Molly. It was on sale and even on sale, was enough to make me put it back on the rack despite it fitting like a glove. Molly was the one who persuaded me to get it and I’m so glad she did. This is my fourth or fifth time wearing it and I love it. It really is the cost per wear, not the price, that’s really important. I have it one with another favorite pair of black boots, this time by Ann Demuelmeester. I paid full boat for them at Theodore in the Commons last September when it was too hot to wear them – but I did anyway. These boots have proven to be extremely cost effective.

Thursday, January 14, 2010, Day 14

Today I am wearing the first pair of G Star jeans I ever bought. I was in San Francisco about six years ago with Rachel and Mark and we were shopping in the Haight. I bought these, a pair of very cool (at the time) gray G Star cords and a really cute white Diesel dress. I have since become too old for the dress and have passed it on. I used to wear it with Frye harness boots to summer events in Hidden Hills. I gave the cords away too.

Last year Rachel called mysteriously asking for my jeans size. For Christmas she gave me my 3rd and most favorite pair of G Stars. Great friend that she is, she bought me a pair of the jeans she bought for herself. They are skinny with just the perfect amount of stretch. They have zippers on the pockets and can be dressed up or down. Since I can only wear them one time during this project, I have found myself already thinking it will be a special day.

This pair is actually made for guys and I know they are not particularly sexy. I went grocery shopping in the morning and ran some errands, put the jigsaw puzzle together for a little while with Marilyn and had an appointment with Dr. Korcheck at 1pm. I love Dr. Korcheck. I consider myself to be mostly spiritual and holistic when experiencing pain in my body, but find comfort in the “Western” approach when all my positive thoughts don’t seem to be working. It was comforting to hear that nothing much is too wrong with me and in fact I’m pretty strong.

The top is by Stacia and is from Dash in Calabasas. I won’t get into my run-in with the very foul-mouthed Khortney Kardashian who bitched me out while she was nine months pregnant because I didn’t realize she wasn’t actually IN her big Mercedes which was stalled out sans emergency lights in the left-hand turn lane, but that’s the reason I can never shop there again. As you will though, I did get some really cute things there.

The shoes are from some store in the Richmond area of Oakland. I don't wear them often, but when I do, they are always too comfortable to part with.

This is totally an outfit I’ve pulled on a million times and yet don’t feel particularly great in it. I’ll probably take the shirt to San Francisco and kiss the pants goodbye.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010, Day 13

I finally set my pedometer. It’s 5:30 now and I have taken 9125 steps today. They say you should aim for 10,000/day so that’s pretty good. Anyway, I walk a lot every day which really affects my choice of shoes. Today I am wearing a pair of mid-calf suede and black leather boots I bought on sale at Gimme shoes, probably on the same day I bought the pair from yesterday. They have really good sales.

The pants are by Burning Torch. Wearing them today is another validation of this project. I love wearing “special clothes” just around. I remember meeting Lynn 10+ years ago and thinking how chic she always looks in those dry-clean-only clothes. Why not, right?

I paired the pants with a TSE cashmere turtleneck I bought for like 90% off at Theodore years ago when I only shopped there if things were 90% off. Usually all that was left was extra small and ugly, but I lucked out enough times to make me always dream it could happen again. It did here with this size medium in a pretty mossy green.

I bought the puffer jacket at Jill Roberts in Beverly Hills after I swore I wouldn’t by any more of any type of outerwear. But how could I pass this up? If you find puffer-anything that makes you still look slim, buy it. I really do love it.

Hung out with the kids in the afternoon and waited for Gary to come home after his Board meeting at Chaminade. Wednesday again: date night and sushi.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010, Day 12

Here we have a Tom Scott asymmetrical sweater dress and a Tom Scott cardigan. I’ve belted the cardigan with a belt I got at a boutique a neighbor hosted and I love it. It took me a long time to “get” accessories, both understand how to wear them and actually break down and spend money on pieces that basically decorate perfectly utilitarian outfits.

I have on some Florentine & Baker boots bought on sale at Gimme Shoes. I know you’ve heard that same store’s name over and over but one main reason is that they sell much more comfortable shoes in San Francisco than they do in L.A. because people walk a lot more in San Francisco. I have a natural aversion to painful shoes.

Peeking out you can see a glimmer of gold from a Cathy Shandler original. It’s an antique fob at the end of pieced vintage chains. I love that I can just put it on over my head and go.

This is another perfect example why I love this project. I doubt I would have just casually thrown this on on a day where I have no appointments and no one would “see me.” Home is precisely the place to wear this, though, as it has been cold in the house lately and I have been comfortable all day. Had I been out, no doubt I would have grown too hot and been frustrated I couldn’t peel any layers.

As it turned out, I ended up meeting with Julie from Powers Interiors regarding the liner for my bicycle basket and took Graydon to buy a piñata for his party a week from Saturday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010, Day 11

I gained 5 pounds over the weekend per our bathroom scale so I reached for a pair of Rag & Bone jeans that are normally a little big on me and my trusty Marc by Marc Jacobs* top. I feel both comfortable and pretty.

I am wearing tan short boots by Bernardo, but I think it’s for the last time. I bought them online after seeing a photo of them in a magazine. I remember thinking, “All day comfort in something other than a tennis shoe.” I do try to wear stylish shoes while catering to my very sensitive feet. These boots are looking a little fuddy-duddy to me today and are starting to pinch my toes (at 5:37pm). I will put them in the same pile with the black tutle neck dress and the pleated pants when they are back from the cleaners.

Went to meditation and then met with Luis to formalize this blog. I am really enjoying this and hope a few others do to.

*Note: all Marc By Marc Jacobs clothing appearing in this blog was purchased at the Marc By Marc Jacobs store on Fillmore in San Francisco.

Sunday, January 10, 2010, Day 10

Believe it or not, this was my original pick for Friday.

The pants are stretch cords from JCrew. The top is Harijuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani and is super soft. I bought it at the Round Meadow boutique a couple years back. The zip cardigan is from Jay McCarrol, winner of Project Runway, Season One, whom I met at the Project Runway Season Finale last year. The shoes are Nike on sale at Gimme Shoes.

We took the kids down to Long Beach to visit Tiffany, Stephanie and Niko. It had been a long time and was really good to see them. We had brunch at the Potholder. Graydon had a crazy big order of French Toast none of us could finish. The weather was gorgeous. Came home and read the paper and lazed about. Another perfect Sunday.