Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010, Day 59

Almost in response to yesterday’s gloomy dramatics, today dawned bight and sunny – not a cloud in the sky.

We took all the kids (Emma is such a sweetie, I’d gladly have three if the third kid could be her) to church this morning and I wore this lovely cream lace dress by “See by Chloe.” I bought it at Dash and first wore it to a luncheon Donna Goldfarb hosted for the Our House Board of Directors. I wore the dress then as now these tan boots from Coach. I wish you could see in the picture the cool brass “latches” on the sides. Those latches totally sold them to me. Those and the fact that they are really comfortable. I should wear them more, but somehow always think “winter” when I see them instead of considering them in other seasons. And I guess there is a lot of competition in my closet in the “boot category” at the moment.

After church we came home and immediately started making lemonade. Elodie pulled the lemonade cart around to the kitchen door and we loaded the cookies and lemonade onto it. Gary made the cart – you should see it. It is exceptionally cool. It is engineered like a wheel barrow with two bicycle wheels in the front. There are chalk board panels on the sides so you can write what you are selling and the pricing. My favorite part though, both because I wouldn’t have thought of it and doubt I could do it myself is the curving of the wooden handles you use to wheel it out. The overall cart is sturdy and secure and a piece of art by itself.

The sale was a huge success! They sold 39 boxes of cookies and enough lemonade to make a nice chunk of change for each of them. Way to go ladies!

While Elodie had her horse back riding lesson, Gary, Graydon and I walked to the end of Long Valley up by Ahmanson. We ran into some neighbors and talked about how gorgeous this day has been.

Saturday, February 27, 2010, Day 58

Remember when I went on and on about my favorite pair of jeans (see January 14)? Well these are them. I just love how they fit. I bought the sweater at the Moncler store in Aspen last year. The boots are from Gimme Shoes on Fillmore. On my left pointer finger I am wearing a Persian turquoise and diamond ring from the 1950’s I bought at a consignment shop in Palm Springs.

The weather has been very dramatic all day with bursts of hard rain followed by blue skies, followed by more rain. We went to Mika’s birthday party at Woodlake Bowl and hung out with his parents, Nathalie and Allan.

I am standing next to one of my all-time favorite pieces of art by the amazing Lincoln Schatz. There is a motion-sensitive camera mounted on top of the video screen. There is a computer mounted on the back which then projects random snippets of the video onto the screen in an overlapping pattern. The computer can store eight years worth of images so the images you see on the screen at any one time may be from yesterday or a couple of years ago.

Every mother loves this piece. It has literally captured our family growing. The kids were five and six when it was installed and will be thirteen and fourteen when the disk space runs out. Elodie and Graydon love to play in front of it and see themselves "on TV." Passing by, we often see images from parties we’ve hosted or the Fed Ex guy coming to the door.

Emma is sleeping over tonight. She’s going to help out selling Girl Scout cookies and lemonade tomorrow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010, Day 57

I knew going into this project that I’d be hard pressed to find enough events to wear all of the beautiful dressy gowns I have accumulated so I’ve decided to begin giving each one its “day,” even though I may not actually wear it out of the house.

This is a smoking hot red Azzedine Alaia dress I originally wore to our 4th Annual Holiday party in December 2008. I feel fantastic in it – I love the glimpses of skin up the sides. I had the pleasure of wearing it a second time to Amanda Levine’s Bat Mitzvah at the Skirlball Center the following year. Thank God for Bat Mitzvahs – they give grown-ups the chance to dress up.

I am standing beside a bronze piece by Jed Novatt using the lost wax process. We first heard of Jed when we admired a similar piece in Ivy and Gerard’s home awhile back. They were kind enough to make introductions and the rest is history. I love this sculpture partly because it is timeless. I could see it in someone’s collection from the 1930’s or the 1960’s. The console is by Therien. The mirror is Baker.

We stayed home tonight with the kids and watched TV by the fire in the family room.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010, Day 56

Here we have a fabulous navy blue Bottega Veneta dress in a fabric best described as stretch felt. It is very geometric and almost origami-like in its construction. I bought it half off at Bottega Veneta in Beverly Hills about a year ago. Gary and I were having our customary lunch and shopping trip on New Year’s Eve day. On the way out of the store, we spotted a purple crocodile handbag (not on sale). My darling husband, in one of his many romantic gestures, bought it for me on the spot. I do love him so.

I am wearing the dress with a pair of burgundy Lanvin maryjanes I bought at Neiman’s in San Francisco and a pair of burgundy tights I bought on a whim from Urban Outfitters many years ago, but never wore until I matched them with these shoes and this dress.

I’ve worn this dress a couple of times and always feel fantastic in it. Today I am having lunch with Ivy. She always looks great so I am happy I will be stepping it up for her. After lunch I am picking up the Owens photograph I bought with Stine at Photo L.A. on January 15.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010, Day 55

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We’re as happy as can be! This morning we met Gillian and her daughter Eden at the tram station at the entrance to Disneyland at 9:15. After a light breakfast, we headed into the park at 10 am – right as they opened. It couldn’t have been a better day to go: overcast and even a bit rainy, no crowds, five to ten minute waits in most lines and two little girls itching ride.

We had such a great day! We went on over seventeen rides and attractions, including all the majors (“E tickets,’ for those who still get that reference), except for the Matterhorn, which was closed for repairs. The girls had their faces painted in the Princess area and we all donned rain ponchos for our turn on Splash Mountain.

I am wearing a pair of Levi's I bought from the Levi store in San Francisco with Gary and a very old grey Theory sweater I bought at the Cabazon Outlets. The shoes are New Balance.

Meanwhile, Graydon and Gary had a great time skiing in Mammoth and are driving home tonight. We've missed them and can't wait to see them.

Who had the best day at Disneyland? E-L-O-D-I-E and M-O-M-M-Y!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February , 23, 2010, Day 54

Today I had lunch in Westlake Village with Lexi and Mia for Mia’s birthday. Lexi is so great at making sure the three of us get together. We’re all get so busy all the time, but it’s Lexi who reins us in and makes us commit to birthday lunches weeks in advance. I love that about Lexi.

Mia took this picture. I am wearing a beautiful charcoal wool jersey dress Gary bought me in Venice, Italy in 2005. That day was so romantic – we were walking around Venice in between art parties and spotted it in the window at La Perla – who knew they made dresses? We walked in and told the woman working inside that I’d like to try it on. She looked me up and down once and said in an Italian accent and a brusk manner, “We have your size.”

I was poured into it in the dressing room and the woman zipped me up and literally into the dress and it fit like a glove. There is a built-in corset that makes the girls look their very best. I wore it to dinner that night and many times since. This is the first time I am wearing it during the day “just to lunch” and I love it. I will try and “demote” some of the dresses I’d been “saving” for special occasions and just enjoy them instead. I really wouldn’t have come to this realization without needing to wear everything in my closet.

I am wearing a lovely vintage multi-strand jade necklace I bought from Mureta’s It’s from the 1940’s or 1950’s and has a beautiful diamond clasp.

After lunch, I went home, changed clothes, grabbed snacks and picked Elodie up from school. We left immediately for Disneyland. This is the best time of year to go – California residents get what’s known as a “two-fer” tickets to both California Adventure AND Disneyland for the price of one. After checking into the Grand Californian Hotel, we hurried out to catch the last two hours of California Adventure before they closed. I insisted we wait the excruciating hour for Soarin’ Over California, which is my all-time favorite ride and then asked Elodie where she wanted to go. We headed toward the pier and I showed her the biggest rollercoaster they had, California Screamin’, never imagining she’d want to go on it. We went on the big Mickey Ferris wheel and then had only a few minutes left until the park closed. I said where next, she said Screamin’. I said Really? She said Yes!

We were the second to last car-load that night and got front row seats. Elodie loved that roller coaster as much as I did! I reminded her to smile for the camera towards the end of the ride when they take your picture.Of course we bought it and will treasure it always.

After the park closed, we had dinner at the “fancy restaurant” in the hotel, watched the Olympics back in the room and fell asleep by nine pm.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010, Day 53

Today is David Feldman’s birthday and we were very pleased and lucky he was available to come to dinner on his birthday night. Lynn, Torie, Marilyn and Greg came too. I would never have worn this lovely dress for an impromptu Monday night occasion (sorry, David), but for this project and I am happy. Why not wear a dress you love to dinner on a Monday night in your own kitchen? It’s by Lutz and I’ve worn it many times beginning with a dinner close to Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago. I had never before owned a dress in this color, but now I own more than just the one.

I treasure the small painting of a hand on the wall behind me. It was painted by one of my best girlfriends at Mills, Lisa Allen Ortiz. She was very special to me after Barry died (see A Life Imagined) and the painting reminds me of her kindness. The portrait is by Brandon Harris (see February 9). The large santos is from Urban Country on Main Street in Venice.

Gary grilled twelve prime fillets and threw some vegetables into the wok. After cake, he’s getting in Craig Aaronson’s car with his son Rayce and Graydon and driving to Mammoth. It’s amazing what things can happen while dropping the kids off at school. Just this morning, Craig leans into Gary and says, “Hey, I’m taking Rayce to Mammoth tonight, we’re going to ski all day Tuesday and Wednesday and come back Wednesday night. Do you want to take Graydon and come with us?” Gary checks his calendar, moves a couple of meetings around and it’s on.

Meanwhile, I remember that Elodie would like to go to Disneyland again while Graydon is more of a Legoland kind of guy. I think, “Hey, I should take Elodie to Disneyland on Wednesday.” When I tell her this, she says, “Oh mama, let’s stay over night in a hotel and wake up there.” So we will. All because of what Craig Aaronson said at drop off this morning.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010, Day 52

This is the front of our building in San Francisco. It’s the only rent-controlled, 1920’s Art Deco building with a doorman in Pacific Heights. Isn’t it beautiful?

I am wearing a grey cashmere TSE turtleneck (another score at a 90% off sale at Theodore) and a pair of pink Juicy Couture sweat pants (on sale at Neiman’s). The shoes are Gucci.

We are going home today, which always makes me a little sad. Good thing we have such a beautiful home to return to.

Saturday, February 20, 2010, Day 51

This is my closet in our apartment – thank God I have another one, right? A closet this size forces you to edit, edit, edit. That’s why I can’t have clothes I dislike hanging around being ignored.

I am wearing a Free People dress I bought from a catalogue and some boots I bought on sale at Neiman’s one time when I was up here with Lynn. The long sleeved shirt is James Perse. I am wearing a beautiful antique turquoise necklace I bought at Mureta’s on Fillmore. I leave up here and am always happy to see it . It seems to go with everything.

This morning we hung around the apartment and Gary made us biscuits (from the Elite CafĂ©) and bacon for breakfast. We began putting together our 6000 piece Lego Taj Mahal and then hung out at the Exploratorium. Russell and Hilary came over in the afternoon and we all walked down to Nick’s Crispy Tacos at Broadway and Polk.

Over my head in the mirror you can see part of a piece by Stephan Thiel. It’s the side view of a woman wearing fishnet stockings. He made it by taking a piece of black paper and meticulously cutting out the fishnets, rips and all -- obviously an obsessive. We like obsessive artists.

Friday, February 19, 2010, Day 50

Greetings from San Francisco!

After four years I still pinch myself that we have an apartment in Pacific Heights. Life just keeps getting better and better! We absolutely love it up here and try to visit at least once a month. Our closest “walking street” is Fillmore, hence all the things I buy from Gimme Shoes, Heidi Says and Marc By Marc Jacobs.

When we first got the apartment, I took up all the things I wasn’t wearing in Hidden Hills, thinking that somehow, the clothes I avoided there would look more attractive here by virtue of them being the ONLY things I had up here. Finally, last year I realized if I wasn't wearing the clothes down south, I wouldn't really wantto wear them up here either. I gave away three shopping bags full of old clothes and bought some nice basics that I look forward to wearing when we visit.

That being said, this is a rather old dress from Ghost (now closed) on Robertson Blvd.. I really liked Ghost for a while and still have a few dresses and tops from there. This dress is lovely and utilitarian. It’s raw silk so it can be thrown in the wash and even the dryer and look fine. The boots are by Freelance – these are the ones I did buy when we were in Amsterdam on our honeymoon (see Freelance reference on January 29).

What is up with Elodie’s expression in this picture? She looks like one of those big-eyed children in those velvet paintings from the 1960’s. To the left in the photo is a small crayon drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge Graydon drew a few years ago. We can see the real deal from the windows over-looking the Bay in the background.

Friday night we got a babysitter and Gary and I walked down to our favorite restaurant, Jackson Fillmore, for dinner. People think it’s called that because it is at the corner of Jackson and Fillmore, but really the owner’s name is Jack and he named it “Jack’s on Fillmore.”

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010, Day 49

Here we have one of the first dresses I bought from Dash in Calabasas. It’s by Catherine Malandino and I wore it the day they photographed our house for the Los Angeles Times Magazine in the spring of 2006. That was a production!

We thought the article would be mostly about the house and the very talented Mark Cutler, but it really was about living the French “provincial” life in the San Fernando Valley. The paper invited about eight prominent French people living in Los Angeles to our house for the photo shoot. It was really cute because we didn’t know them at all when they began arriving at the 9am call time, but after spending hours with them (and sharing a few bottles of wine), it really felt like they were invited guests to what has become a “typical Simons dinner” in the rear courtyard – only we weren’t allowed to eat the food – both because it had been sprayed with shellac for the photos, and because, if we did take a bite, the photographer told us not to chew.

The house was filled that day with stylists and assistant stylists, a hair person, an assistant hair person, a make-up person, and assistant make-up person, a food stylist, an assistant…well, let's just say there were a lot of people.

The stylist brought some very cool men’s clothes – Gary still has the things we bought from him that day -- but none of the women’s clothes he brought could, in my opinion, “stand up to the house.” He had very pretty dresses in muted pinks and small patterns, but nothing “clicked” with me. I ran upstairs and grabbed this dress. I’m not even sure if I had worn it yet – I think the tags were still on. Anyway, this is the dress I am wearing descending the stairs in the article. In fact, Fuse Lighting still uses the picture on their website (they made the capiz shell and leather chandelier pictured).

My attitude toward this dress was another example of putting an outfit in a certain box – in this case, “summer, special occasion.” Today, I put it with some black tights and these great Chie Mihara shoes I bought at Neiman’s in the Valley and wore a long black cashmere Burning Torch cardigan over it when I was cold. Voila! A late-winter outfit!

I just received the beautiful feather and flower brooch from Nanette Geller as a late Holiday Party gift (thanks, Nanette!). It’s by Big Posy Original and Nanette knows the owner/artist. A similar brooch will be worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the upcoming Sex and the City movie. It really jazzes up an outfit.

Directly behind me is a great piece by Jennerfer Boornstein. We bought it at the FRESH auction last year at MOCA. The woman in the picture is completely naked, but for some sexy black boots. One day Elodie looked at it and asked, “Is that you in the picture, Mommy?” When I asked her why she thought so, she said because I have black boots just like the ones in the picture. I love our Elodie.

I ran errands in the morning and had lunch with Rachel at the house. Gary and I missed sushi last night so we will have it tonight.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010, Day 48

Today I am wearing a sweet Marc By Marc Jacobs blouse I bought on Fillmore. You can’t really see it in the photo, but there are little ties at the bottom of the cap sleeves. I am wearing the blouse with a pair of JCrew cropped “matchstick” (that’s what it says on the label inside) jeans and my Addidas Super Stars. I am also wearing a beautiful pair of vintage diamond and sapphire earrings from the 1920’s I bought at Mureta’s in San Francisco.

I am standing by the house the kids painted at Graydon’s birthday party (see January 23). One side was painted by the girls and the other side (this one) was painted by the boys. I especially love the “BEwhere” written on the side.

In the background, you can see our two “Captive Universes” by Mike Hernandez. He is what happens when an amazing artist is really good at math. Mike came over and took 360 degree photos of inside the gallery and outside in the courtyard and then mounted them on these sphere-type objects. They are very cool.

Hanging under the sconce is an etching by Paul P. We met him at the dinner following his opening at Marc Selwyn's. He's a little shy, but very nice and we really like his work.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010, Day 47

Another day, another day to do some yoga. Here we have a pair of yoga pants in red and white a terry-cloth top. I believe Rachel gave them both to me when she was thinning out her stock of merchandise at Barry’s Bootcamp a year or so ago. I will go to yoga and then have my nails done. The rest of the day will be spent working in my office until the kids come home from school.

Monday, February 15, 2010, Day 46

Don’t you just love three-day weekends? I sure do! We slept in super late and then Gary picked the kids up from Britt’s house around noon. We read the paper in the sun (another gorgeous day) and took the kids to dinner at the Counter off Lindero Road.

I am wearing a James Perse button down and some Levi’s I bought at Urban Outfitters awhile back. The shoes are Etnies.

Sunday, February 14, 2010, Day 45

I fell off the wagon yesterday.

I was walking by Theodore in the Commons and stopped in to see if they had any Alexander McQueen. It is the only local store that carries his line and it is where I bought my only McQueen dress (see January 29). The pickings were slim and all the sales stuff was gone. All that was left were two dresses and a few tops. First I tried on a black “bandage”- type dress – very Herve Leger – but a little loose in the bust area and Lord knows I do not need another black dress. Then there was this electric blue beauty.

I have never owned anything in this color and would definitely have passed it by if it weren’t for Mr. McQueen’s recent death and my urge to own one more of his lovely creations. I tried it on and was stunned by how beautifully it fit. It was mentioned in his obituary (Wall Street Journal) that some compared the way he cut clothes to the great Christian Dior and I believe it. I feel absolutely gorgeous in this dress and can’t wait to have a chance to wear it.* I don’t regret having bought it and can’t promise I won’t do something like it again if another top designer suddenly dies. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

For this photo, I paired the dress with my favorite Henry Beguelin sandals. They have feathers at the toes and the ankle straps are held together by snake heads with black jewels for eyes. They are extremely comfortable, which is something for me to say about any pair of heels.

I will take the time here to say how wonderful Britt Aaronson is. She called this morning and invited both our darlings to sleep over her house tonight. She and Craig celebrated Valentine’s Day early because he has to go out of town on business. Britt figured she could rock our Valentine’s with this offer and she was right. It’s so rare that Gary and I get to spend time at home – all alone! We are sure to get into some mischief tonight – I can’t wait!

*Ah, but it will have to wait until this project is finished! The penalty for this transgression is that I must wait until everything else in my closet has been worn before I can wear it in public.

Saturday, February 13, 2010, Day 44

I am wearing this outfit because it is the day before Valentine’s Day (note the "got love?" on my shirt) and because I will be running around doing errands. I bought the t-shirt at Inner Power yoga a few years back. The pants are Nike and they have an ingenious little zippered pocket in the back to hold my pedometer. Underneath is a very cute Barry’s Bootcamp private label workout top. The shoes are MBTs.

I signed both kids up for a cooking class at Little Blue across from the Commons. I will drop them both off and walk down to the Farmer’s Market and then back to the Commons. I am very happy I am able to walk again without pain – knock on wood. Maybe someday I can run again.

We have no plans this weekend – I notoriously avoid airports on long weekends and any restaurants on Valentine’s Day. Gary is planning on making steaks and we are staying home with the kids.

Friday, February 12, 2010, Day 43

I am still a bit shocked about today’s news that Alexander McQueen died. I just wore his dress on January 29 and feel sad that I will probably never buy another piece by him. I really admired his daring and willingness to push the envelope. He was a true artist, but one who had to generate output on a very regular basis and with such tight deadlines. I was surprised to hear the Isabella Blow connection – she bought his entire first collection when he was still a student and was a huge supporter. She was a fashion pioneer and she also committed suicide in 2007.

Today was absolutely beautiful weather-wise and the weekend is supposed to be equally spectacular. I worked most of the day and then Gary and I met Molly for dinner at Dominick’s in West Hollywood. I wore this cozy floor length TSE dress, figuring I should while I can before it gets too warm. I knew Dominick’s has a patio and I wouldn’t be too hot.

It is black with silver threads and I bought it at Celio’s on Fillmore with Rachel. She was the one who first spotted it and said it would be perfect for New Year’s Eve 2007. We were in Deer Valley that year with the kids. I may never have worn it again if not for this project and certainly not tonight. I had mentally put this dress is a “special occasions in the snow” box and never considered other uses. Was I a bit dressy at Dominick’s? Maybe. But not so I stood out and people stared. I wore it with some very cool Pedro Garcia black suede platform booties that make me feel ten feet tall.

I had on a lovely collection of sparkly necklaces and the Marc By arc Jacobs rhinestone butterfly pin I gave out as party favors at my 40th birthday luncheon last July. I also chose the vintage jade and diamond earrings Gary gave me for my birthday.

Scott Shuman of the Sartorialist* is inspiring in many ways, but I really like how he chooses his subjects. The connecting link seems to be, other than that they are a little dressed up, that you can tell they all thought about their look. I think (and something else I learned from Rachel), that it’s so lovely for others when one makes an effort with his/her appearance. This project has made me think about my clothes in new ways and appreciate the beautiful things in my closet.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010, Day 42

I bought this dress eight years ago in a small boutique in Charlottesville, Virginia called Eloise. I was there in 2001 with Patty Wilson and thought it was so beautiful – soft and feminine. It’s made up of two pieces: a slip and a shift to be worn buttoned up over it. I was just thinking this morning when I put it on that maybe it was time to say goodbye and let it go. It was looking kinds of worn and frumpy in the photos. Gary assured me it looked better in real life.

The funny thing is two different people told me I looked cute today and commented on the dress. It thus has been given a last minute reprieve and will be worn again.

I wore this chevron-striped James Perse cardigan with it all day today because it was so cold outside. The boots are F&B.

I went and saw my expert aesthetician Angela this morning and then stopped off at Diana Antin’s to see her and Janet Heller’s “Two Chicks” jewelry trunk show. I bought six lucky friends/family members birthday presents there. They have beautiful things.

Then I picked up Elodie (Graydon had an enrichment class) and took her grocery shopping and to pick out Valentine’s for her class. She is such a love to be around and I feel lucky to be her mommy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010, Day 41

Hi there. It’s amazing what having a blow-out can do for one’s day. I actually know a really good person at Hairlab who makes house calls. It was so worth it today because I had lunch in Beverly Hills, came home, did homework with the kids and will be going out later with Gary to Church & State downtown.

I am wearing a pair of slouchy navy wool Proenza Schouler trousers and a light-weight Inhabit black sweater. The jacket is Charles Chang Lima from Heidi Says on Fillmore. The shoes are these great Dries Van Noten lace-less oxfords I bought on sale at Gimme Shoes. Before I left I threw on the silver necklace from January 4.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010, Day 40

I absolutely adore this coat. It’s by Veronique Branquinho and the only thing more curiouser than her name is the fact that a friend (can’t remember who) came into my closet, took one look at it and "Veronique Branquinho" came rolling off her tongue. Impressive.

I bought it at Madison Gallery for full price with Mark one day a few years back and I’ve never regretted it. I have on an old Juicey Couture brown sweater I think I got at the Cabazon outlets and great pair of Citizen For Humanity jeans I bought at Lolita’s – they do carry some nice denim. The mules are Born from Leap and I wear them a lot. I have on a lovely pair of earrings Patty Wilson gave me a few years back. The necklace is from Rachel and has “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the Life you have imagined.”* engraved on it. I do realize this look very similar to January 18 -- I must like brown.

I had a covert appointment with a great saleslady named Serene at Nordstrom today. Let’s just say she works in lingerie and our appointment has something to do with Valentine’s Day – wink, wink. Seriously though, Serene knows her business and is great to work with.

After lunch, Brandon Harris came over to begin my portrait. He’s a young artist in Hidden Hills – super talented. I am commissioning him to make small pencil portraits of everyone in the family. I had him do my profile because I had to sit still for him and wanted to catch up on some TiVo.

We were supposed to go to the studio of the late Robert Graham with some art people tonight, but it was raining and I knew we had plans tomorrow night so I elected we stay home. Gary made another outstanding meal of grilled salmon, brocolini and mashed potatoes. He grilled some red onions too and they tasted like candy. Your typical home-cooked Tuesday night fare, right? I like to say I am the best-fed non-cook I know. He could have his own show on the Food Network. Seriously.

*Henry David Thoreau