Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010, Day 90

Wow! Day 90! Half-way to my extended prediction* of 180 days! I’m feeling good, feeling strong, but I am reminded of the time I did the L.A. Marathon a few years ago. My dear friend Mark Cutler met me at mile 22 and asked how I was feeling. I said “great,” and I was feeling great, until about two steps later when I felt miserable and wanted to quit. I ended up getting a second wind and running the last mile and a half, but it was rough.

I am glad warm weather is almost upon us as I have run through the bulk of my cold-weather looks. It is pretty cold today (sixty degrees) and I am wearing an old pair of JCrew denim trousers that I use to wear to parties with heels and pretty top. They’re frayed pretty good at the bottom now and so are not dressy enough anymore for special occasions. I like them in this new incarnation as every-day pants and make up for the heel height with my MBTs. The light blue Lily McNeal sweater I bought in Charlottesville Virginia on a visit to the Wilsons.

I have on my gorgeous Prada puffy jacket. It’s tricky to wear sometimes because it’s more than a vest (note the adorable cap sleeves) and not quite a jacket (note same). I almost didn’t buy it on a shopping trip to Prada with Molly Hall (see January 15). Molly saw me try it on and when we were up at the counter, she said, “Aren’t you getting that little jacket? It looks fantastic on you. You really should get it.” I had passed on it because the size I tried on was a little too small and because I was already getting one dress and then a second (albeit on sale) dress and was suffering from some Puritan guilt.

Molly's totally honest assessment made me call the salesperson back and request a size larger. I had loved it – it’s a beautiful navy-blue color and the satin feels so silky and soft. The larger size fit perfectly and I decided to not pass it by and I am so glad.

It’s a little hard to see, but I am standing next to a lovely diptych by Victoria Gitman. It’s oil on board and each part depicts detail of tiny beadwork. I think I mentioned before that Gary and I love the obsessive artists, and, man, you can picture the amount of time it took to render those life-like little pearls. We also have a tiny little pencil portrait of a fine lady by Ms. Gitman hanging nearby. It references the miniature portraits from the 1800’s when mourning miniatures were popular and I love it.

This morning Graydon was in the cutest school play I have ever seen. It was called “A Vacation to Mars” and featured all of the third grade classes. He was the planet Mercury – he was great. I love my boy.

*My original prediction for how long this project would lat was 100 days.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010, Day 89

I am so happy I am capturing this beautiful rite of spring that happens every year in our front courtyard. These wisteria vines burst open with the most lovely, fragrant blossoms for a very short period before being overtaken by greenery.

Speaking of greenery, I am wearing a Marc By Marc Jacobs sweater I had planned on wearing on Saint Patrick’s Day, but it was too hot. I’m wearing it with a blouse from Barney’s by Bourne and a pair of James Perse Khaki pants.

It’s cold here again and supposed to rain for the next couple of days. I am in the middle of packing for our trip and am happy I have so many warm clothes left to take with us. Tomorrow will mark day ninety of this project and I think it was somehow easier deciding what to bring, now that about half the things in my closet have been worn and are therefore no longer options for new photographs. I am sure I will buy some pretty things in London (which is definitely outside California – see January 1), but it’s nice to know I have all nine days in the bag just in case.

Monday, March 29, 2010, Day 88

I chose to stand next to the postcard painting we have by William Wegman today so you can get a sense of what he’s doing and why we bought another one. This is a large piece with fifteen postcards scattered around. Mr. Wegman painted imagined relationships between them. Notice the octagonal house to the right of my head and the bull fighter’s ring a little further down. Below these two, you can see two more postcards with bucolic scenes. Mr. Wegman has imagined and expanded the scenes out of view in these postcards and then created possible links between them. What until you see our new piece. It’s pretty genius.

I am wearing an old pair of AG cropped jeans I bought at Lolita with a cute short-sleeved button-down blouse by Jay McCarroll. I am focused on both catching up from our extended weekend and getting us ready for our trip abroad later this week.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010, Day 87

I am wearing another A.L.C. from Madison Gallery. This one is grey jersey with black leather halter straps that cross over in back.

All things come to an end, even awesome fiftieth birthday weekends.

Saturday, March 27, 2010, Day 86

Another beautiful day! We woke up late and I read the paper and dozed until my massage at three-fifteen. Hair appointment at five. Dinner at seven.

I am wearing a beautiful dress by Jerrell Scott of Project Runway fame. I met him in New York at the Season six finale. I asked him if he would design a dress for me for my fortieth birthday party. I also asked Leanne Marshall (winner season 5) and Jay McCarroll (winner season one). I gave each of them my card and said call me. Jerrell is the one who did. He’s also the only one in Los Angeles, so it worked out great.

I wound up with two dresses by Jerell: the one I wore to the luncheon and this one that I put on later for the “after party.” It was so hard to choose and they are both so much fun to wear.

We had a delicious dinner of salad, roasted chicken, homemade gnocchi and the best corn bread we’ve ever eaten. Gary’s favorite tiramisu was for dessert. It was a wonderful evening filled with love, family and friendship. It's inspiring to see how much love Lynn has for her brother. We know how much work went into planning this beautiful weekend and everyone truly enjoyed themselves.

Look how handsome Gary looks. Fifty, huh? Like I engraved inside his ring, “Oh Sweetness, I am so lucky.”

Friday, March 26, 2010, Day 85

We woke up this glorious morning at Lynn and David’s oasis in the desert. It is such a beautiful home with many lovely places to relax, read or nap.

Here I am on their rear lanai wearing a lovely little dress given to me for my birthday by Mary Graham. She colors and cuts my hair (see January 17) at Hairlab and has become a dear friend.

Lynn and David went all out, transforming their home into a resort, complete with a personal chef and spa appointments. We were greeted this morning with an assortment of breads, homemade honey butter, granola and yogurt, and fresh-brewed coffee. There was really no set agenda today and the weather could not have been more lovely. David, Russell, Mark, Etienne, Omid, Gary and I tooled around Big Horn in golf carts, while Lynn, Hilary and Mom went into town to shop.

We had quesadillas for lunch and I brought out the Tarot cards. Gary let me drive his baby down to Imago Gallery where we were thrilled to find another William Wegman postcard painting* that we absolutely love. We first saw his postcard paintings at Imago years ago when we were building the house. We couldn’t afford one then and it’s absolutely wonderful the opportunity came around again.

We all enjoyed a seafood dinner with grilled salmon and tilapia. And Lynn says tomorrow night is supposed to be when we have the “big dinner”...

*Mr. Wegman paints imagined scenes and relationships between vintage postcards. They are so clever and fascinating to me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010, Day 84

This morning on our way out to the desert, we stopped by Marc Selwyn’s gallery to meet the artist William Wegman. Mr. Wegman is one of my favorite artists. He may be best known for his photographs of Fay Wray, his weimaraner (see small photo to the right on the floor), but I love his earlier conceptual pieces and his later postcard paintings.

When I figured out we wouldn’t be in town for Mr. Wegman’s opening on Saturday, I asked Marc if there was any way we could meet him before we left for the weekend. Mr. Wegman is like a rock star to me and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to tell him how much I enjoy his work. Marc said he and his wife Christine would be there during the installation of his work on Thursday morning and perhaps we could meet them both then. Marc sent me a few images of the work to be shown in the exhibit and Gary and I immediately took a liking to one of the photographs.

The image is from 1971 and shows Mr. Wegman and a woman (whom I learned was his sister-in-law) all dressed up, their backs facing us. Mr. Wegman’s hand is raised as if gesturing toward a beautiful scene, but the viewer can see nothing but white space. The title is “The Perfect Day.”

The photograph really spoke to Gary and me because, one time while we were still building our house on our flat piece of property, we walked up to the top of a big hill and looked out at the beautiful view. I said to Gary, “Oh, wouldn’t it be great to have this view?” Without missing a beat, Gary said to me, “We’ll make our own view.” And of course, we have and it’s prettier than anything I could have imagined. The photograph was a good illustration of the same idea. "The Perfect Day" can be anything you make it and better than anything you have seen.

Seeing the photograph in person on Thursday morning sealed the deal and we told Marc we would take it only to be told a man came in and bought it the day before. I was so sad! I told Mr. Wegman the story and, when I asked for a photograph with him for my blog, he suggested we turn toward the wall and recreate “The Perfect Day.”

I am wearing a black jumpsuit I bought at Popular across from the Commons in Calabasas with a silver belt I bought at Dash. The silver sandals are Prada.

Gary’s convertible top went a little haywire and we had to take it back to the dealer to have it reset. As we were leaving, I asked Mr. Wegman to sign my copy of his book. Inside he drew a little version of “The Perfect Day” and wrote “Imperfect Day” above it in reference to our losing out on the photo and having to get the car fixed.

I told you he was one of my favorites.

We ended up getting to Palm Desert around 3pm and being the last ones there which Mark said was a shame because it was the first time he and Etienne had ever been on time and we weren't there to witness it. At five-thirty, we went on a tour-guided hike up this beautiful mountain nearby. It was very windy and we took a quick photo at the top before heading back down.

We ate delicious chili and fixings around the fire pit and started the jigsaw puzzle.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010, Day 83

Here’s a favorite of mine. It’s by Trina Turk and I think I bought it at Madison (not the Gallery) either on Robertson or in Malibu. Wearing this dress always puts me in a good mood. On my right wrist I am wearing an orange leather cuff Mark Cutler brought me back from Italy. He has a matching orange wallet.

Went to yoga and volunteered in the library at the kids school. Ran errands in the afternoon and packed for Gary's birthday weekend at Lynn and David's house in the desert. I know just what I'm going to wear....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010, Day 82

Why am I standing outside a Neiman Marcus? Has my resolve wavered? Not at all. Today I went with Rachel to see “The Runaways” with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. It was awesome – “Hello daddy, hello mom! I’m your che che che che che cherry bomb!”

Here I’m channeling my inner Joan Jett insouciance before going inside for lunch. Look how bad the landscaping looks. If this Neiman’s wants to ever really compete with Beverly Hills, it needs to spruce this up and learn what kinds of plants can survive in the Valley. I mean really.

I am wearing a frothy little dress by Julia Clancey (see March 5) Rachel bought me from a sample sale a year or so ago. She has the same one in black, but luckily wasn’t wearing it or we really would have looked like salt and pepper. I never wear this dress, but always swear I will some day. The beauty of this project is that it has become a something of a “come to Jesus” between me and my closet: if I really am going to wear something someday, when? Today? Why not today?

When I put it on, I realized there is a part of me that thinks this dress is too young and sweet for my age – that I’m too old for it. I toughened it up with the Lutz caplet (also a piece I swear I’m going to wear “someday”) and my Anna Duelmeester boots and all of a sudden I loved this outfit. It was the perfect thing to wear today.

After lunch we bought black nylon Prada bags – yes, both of us. My purchase was in preparation for our upcoming trip to London with Gary and the kids and it really doesn’t count as clothes anyway.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010, Day 81

I am standing next to a small greenhouse on wheels that Gary and I bought from Anthropologie years ago. We thought it was still expensive, even at half off, but bought it anyway. Looking back, it’s one of our favorite purchases. Our succulents love it in there and are always happy.

Speaking of Anthropologie, it’s where I bought this skirt a long time ago (way after the greenhouse, but still awhile ago). The top is by Ghost. This cardigan is maybe one of the oldest pieces of clothing I have. Barry bought it for me from JCrew and I still bust it out from time to time, especially on Valentine’s Day and the 4th of July.

Today is my niece Mackenzie’s 17th birthday. She was only 5 when her Uncle Barry died. I love to spoil her and did again this year with a black Alexander McQueen top from Theodore.

Sunday, March 21, 2010, Day 80

I am standing in our dining room in a white Catherine Malendrino dress I bought from a shop on Sacramento Street in San Francisco years ago. Rachel has referred to it as “the table cloth,” but I rather like its open cutwork and handkerchief hem. We went to church this morning and came home and read the paper outside in the sun.

In front of me are two sculptures by Pamela Sunday I had commissioned for our anniversary a few years ago. I first saw her work in a shelter magazine (House Beautiful, I think) and loved it right away. She gets her inspiration from geometry in nature – from seedpods and such.

To my right hanging towards the light is an etching by Lucian Freud. It’s called “Constable’s Elm” and we bought it from Matthew Marks Gallery at Miami Basel in 2007. Reflected behind me is a small painting by a wonderful artist named Amy Bennett we first saw at the Armory in New York in 2006.

We love our dining room, especially the fabulous leather and polished nickel chairs designed by Mark Cutler. We use it all the time for puzzles and homework. I like to say our dining room is our true “living” room.

Saturday, March 20, 2010, Day 79

Gary took Graydon go-carting this morning and Elodie and I got our hair done. Elodie had her first piano lesson at noon and then went to a laser tag party. We invited grandma over for dinner and enjoyed the beautiful evening outside with the kids.

I am wearing a lovely dress by Erica Tarnov I bought from her shop on Fillmore in San Francisco. My necklace was made by Jacqueline Appel whom we met through a mutual love of art. The cuff is from my Aunt Hermine who has a habit of giving me things of hers I admire.

The first time it happened was after we hosted Torie’s Bat Mitzvah. When I met her at the Bat Mitzvah, I told her how much I admired a green crocodile cuff she had brought back from a trip to Madagascar and had given to Lynn. The next morning at brunch, Aunt Hermine handed me a gift bag. Inside was an identical green crocodile cuff – the one she had kept for herself. I looked at her in disbelief – she was already in her eighties -- when would she have a chance to go back to Madagascar and get another one? She pushed it on me and made me take it.

This cuff I saw in her house. It’s from India. I guess I have to be very careful around my generous aunt.

I am standing in front of the fireplace screen our brother-in-law Omid made. He’s married to Gary’s youngest sister Connie and has taken over the family’s iron business. He made all of the wrought iron in the house, including balcony and staircase railings. It’s so nice to have someone so talented in the family. The painting is by Yamanobe and we bought it in a gallery in Paris.

Friday, March 19, 2010, Day 78

Britt and Colleen may be a little surprised I went with this photograph after all that. Thanks, girls for sticking with me through all those takes and there were some good ones. In the end, I liked this one the best for how great I look (Colleen you are so right with this being the most flattering angle) and for how well you can see what I am wearing.

I am wearing a Duro Olowu dress with the Frye boots I first wore to a Van Halen concert a couple (three?) years ago. I have on south sea pearl earrings I bought on a shopping excursion to Barney’s with Molly Hall. I am also wearing the Tiffany gold key necklace she bought me for my fortieth birthday last year (thanks Molly!). On my left pointer finger is this great old ring I bought at Mureta’s. It’s from the 1920’s and has a cabochon turquoise on a gold band shaped like a snake wrapping itself around it and tiny diamond eyes.

Tonight Gary and I went over to Colleen and Jeff’s house to celebrate Colleen’s birthday. It’s always great hanging out with friends and I am so blessed to have so many as neighbors. I brought my Tarot cards and most everyone who let me read for them said I was pretty good (I want a re-do, Lisann).

My dear friend Mark Cutler gave me Tarot card-reading lessons for me for my fortieth birthday. He had famously given me pole-dancing lessons the year before and I wanted to help him narrow the field on what to get the girl who has everything so I whispered “Tarot card lessons” in his ear at some point. He totally came through and sent me to Tessie Jay who has 30 years experience reading cards and believes it’s always an opportunity to impart helpful or positive information. She was so supportive and encouraging and I really enjoyed my lesson with her. I practice whenever I can and am grateful to the people who let me read for them. It’s like a language and gets easier with more use.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010, Day 77

I know what you are thinking: I should have worn this outfit yesterday for Saint Patrick’s Day. I bought this top from the lobby at Inner Power Yoga, but I think Rachel gave me the pants from her overstock at Barry's Bootcamp.

I am holding up what I consider to be practically another food group: the avocado. I seriously eat at least a half of one every day. I use avocado instead of butter on my toast in the morning and always add some to my sandwich at lunch. I credit the avocado with how shiny my hair is (Gary calls it my “coat”).

The dishes on the shelves are the same as the ones they use at the Ivy restaurants. You can buy them from a shop just next door to the restaurant on Robertson. They chip easily (especially the bowls), but the patterns are fun to mix and match

It was another beautiful day today. I went to yoga this morning and ran some errands (in my yoga clothes) before doing homework with the kids after school. We had our massages (regular weekly appointments with the terrific Cynthia Jackson) and then ate dinner and watched Project Runway. It’s a somewhat disappointing season talent-wise, but I think Maya has a real shot at Bryant Park.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010, Day 76

I am wearing a suit by Gucci I bought that fabled birthday in 2007 when Gary told me to buy anything I wanted at Neiman Marcus. The top is also Gucci, also bought on that day, and has the classic “horse-bit” detail on the front that I love. I am wearing the suit with short Prada boots I bought when the new Nordstrom first opened at the Topanga Plaza.

I worked at home all day and then Gary and I went out with Stine and Alex to a MOCA event in the Pacific Palisades. It’s so nice when people open their homes and their art collections to other art lovers and collectors.

Look at my two little Leprechauns – all in green for Saint Patrick’s Day. They are responsible for the artwork hanging behind me. We love hanging it there because the piece by Lincoln Schatz (see February 27) installed directly opposite captures the changing display on video forever.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, Day 75

Today I went with Stine to MOCA for a Photography Committee meeting. We have them four times a year and are often instructed to arrive early so we may look at pieces either the committee is considering buying or that generous people are donating. Stine took this picture of me down in the temporary storage area where we were looking at, among other things, a series of photographs by Aaron Siskind to be donated to the museum. Aaron Siskind is known as one of the best abstract expressionist photographers whose close-up images of tree bark and peeling newsprint can sometimes resemble abstract expressionist paintings like the one by Franz Kline hanging behind me.

Stine and I love going to the meetings both because we get to learn about all these amazing photographers and because we get to be in close proximity to great works of art.

I wore a beautiful Nina Ricci dress I bought for half off at Madison Gallery. I first wore this dress to Emma’s Easter party at the Mumford’s last year. It’s such a pretty color and was the perfect thing to wear on such a lovely spring-like day. I am holding the purple crocodile bag Gary bought me from Botega Venetta (see February 25).

Later on, Gary and I went out for sushi with Omid. Then went home and played Beatle’s Rockband until it was time for the kids to go to bed.

Monday, March 15, 2010, Day 74

Today I am wearing a navy blue dress by Burning Torch and an Inhabit cardigan. The suede boots are Marc By Marc Jacobs and I never realized before today how comfortable they are. I have on another necklace by Cathy Shandler (see March 2).

I went to meditation this morning. I have been going to the same group for about five years now. It’s led by Teri Johnson and I always feel like the topic of the day was somehow chosen just for me. Afterwards, I ran some errands and worked at home.

I am standing next to a wonderful piece by Richard Serra. Mr. Serra makes oversized steel sculptures and this painting is actually a study for one of his pieces. When we saw it at Marc Selwyn’s booth at Miami Basel in 2008, I wasn’t crazy about it. Or rather, I wasn’t crazy about it for the asking price. Gary really was and Marc was able to negotiate a (bit) lower price with the client for whom he was selling it. It is probably our most “important” piece considering our large concentration on work by emerging artists.

Ironically, we ended up hanging it in the library – my office – and I see it every day. I have come to absolutely love it and am so happy we have it. It is a work on paper and it is truly amazing the way Mr. Serra was able to build up the paint onto the paper to a point where it begins to look like stucco. It is very textural and I enjoy having it close by.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010, Day 73

Today was absolutely gorgeous again, weather-wise. I was still feeling a little under the weather and so spent the day reading the paper and napping. Elodie went over to Ella Stonich’s house in the afternoon and we picked her up in time for dinner at Mi Piace.

I wore this grey jersey A.L.C. dress I bought at Madison Gallery under a Nannette Lapore shrug I bought years ago at Anthropologie. This dress would be especially excellent for pregnant or post-partum women – very flattering and comfortable. I sure wish I had something this chic to wear when I was having our babies.

People complain we "lose" an hour with Daylight Savings, but I say we get to go to sleep earlier.

Saturday, March 13, 2010, Day 72

I started feeling sick again today and had to positively WILL myself to go to Farnaz’s surprise birthday party tonight. I am so happy I did! It was held in this amazing house designed by Lloyd Wright (Frank’s son). It was so nice to see all of our friends all dressed up and Farnaz was very surprised!

I absolutely love this outfit and am happy to have worn it again. The first time I did was in New York last year while we were there to see the Project Runway Season Six Finale with Rachel and John. The top is Burberry and I bought it full price at Madison Gallery in the fall of 2008. The pants are by Alessandro dell Acqua. They are made from the most amazing stretch silk and they fit like a second skin. The shoes are Azzedine Alaia from Maxfield and are very, very comfortable. In fact, even though these are one of my most expensive pairs of shoes, they are also one of my least expensive, in terms of cost-per-wear.

I am standing next to two small paintings by one of my favorite artists,* Canadian Mike Bayne. We first discovered his work at the LA Art show in Santa Monica a few years back. These two little ones are four inches by six inches each – the same as standard size photographs.

People have a hard time believing they are paintings and not photographs and that’s what I love – they are miniature photorealistic paintings. They are especially effective because the subject matter is rather mundane and not expected to be painstakingly replicated in a painting. Mike reminds me of a young Andrew Grassie, who also does miniature photorealistic paintings, but is more established.

*I know I say that a lot, but once again it’s true. Should the house ever catch fire, I would grab all of Mike’s little paintings and run out the door.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010, Day 71

I bought this beautiful dress from Ghost in 2005 for our niece Torie Feldman's Bat Mitzvah (we are routinely mistaken for being Jewish, what with the last name Simons, Gary being involved in real estate and yes, for hosting family members’ Jewish celebrations, but to clarify, we are Catholic – Gary’s sister Lynn converted). It is silky soft and lovely to wear.

I loaned this dress (see “green statement” March 5) to a beautiful young artist named Alex Douziech for our holiday party this past year and it was a real thrill to see it worn and enjoyed that night. Alex painted my (nude) portrait and in a classical style which made me look amazing. Thank you, Alex!

Today I wore the dress with a brown shrug-type sweater and my brown Florentine & Baker boots. I bought the necklace on a whim from Principessa on Abbott Kinney in Venice with Rachel.

Elodie took this picture Friday afternoon as the sun was setting. Graydon slept over Rayce Aaronson’s house and Isabella Spagnoli slept over our house. We watched Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” which, as we all now know, really was it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010, Day 70

I had a facial appointment this morning with Angela at Dr. Rosenswag’s office in Encino. I found my way to her through my friend Dayna who always looks twenty years younger than she is at any given point in time. I love Angela and and believe the monthly facials and peels do make me look younger now than when I first started seeing her six years ago.

After Angela, I met Adam Gross for lunch at Pinot Bistro. He was helping me go over a potential guest list for an art party we are planning to host in May. Last year we celebrated the German artist, Ewerdt Hilgemann, and had some art lovers and museum people over while he installed a gorgeous sculpture in our backyard. It was a huge success and we wanted to do something similar again this year.

I bought this suit at that men’s shop that used to be on Robertson, Scott Hill. Just before they closed, they added a small selection of women’s clothing. I bought this black velvet suit by Seven For All Mankind intending to wear it to our second annual holiday party in 2006. That was the year I famously began changing during the evening.

Days before the party, I had gone to lunch at Shibuya with Amy Levy and we wandered into Dash. I saw the most adorable black and white polka dot cocktail dress* and said I wish I could wear it to our party, but I already have an outfit. Amy said, “Well, you could always change. It’s your party and your closet is right upstairs.” And that was the beginning of what I like to call the "performance art" component to our parties. I am up to four or five changes each year and actively encourage other women to change during the evening too.

The jacket is adorable and has a little peplum in the back and nips in at the waist. The pants are very straight-legged and I wore them at the party with heels.

Today I have on a Stella McCartney blouse I bought at Stacey Todd’s and have worn a few times before, always with white pants in the summer. The beads hanging around my neck have an “s” carved in each one, for Stella, but I like to think it could be for Simons.

I am standing next to a digital piece by another German artist named Michael Najjar. We met him through Steve Sacks at Bitforms Gallery in New York. This work is comprised of a series of photographs, each with a human element which, over the course of about a minute, fades away leaving the only background elements. The photos are taken from all over the world: Singapore, Cairo, Berlin, Havana. We humans like to think we are so strong and hold such importance when actually we are pretty impermanent. The earth and monuments we build will continue to live on long after we have died.

It is very meditative to watch the human element slowly fade from each shot and I rather like having such a beautiful collection of photographs from around the world hanging in our front entrance.

*This particular dress is no longer in my closet. I gave it away and hope it has enjoyed many more parties on someone else.