Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010, Day 260

One of the most amazing things about this project is how I have always had something to wear for most any occasion. And I never really planned out what to wear more than for a few special events coming up in the future – my choices really unfolded organically, from one day to the next, depending on where I was going and what I felt like wearing. For instance, here I am in the final week (yes, hard to believe, but the end is nigh), without much hanging in my closet unworn year to date, and yet I manage to pull out the perfect thing to wear tonight. Mind you, I was lucky tonight involved our friend Gisela hosting a backyard birthday party for her son and hiring the Game Coach (see January 23) as entertainment. I am pictured here playing Guitar Hero with my favorite guitarist, Gary Simons.

I am wearing a pair of Citizen For Humanity denim shorts I bought at Principessa in Venice while shopping with Rachel and a Fendi blouse I bought at Brown’s in London. I love playing Guitar Hero and Rockband (I am always the singer) and left with a bit of a hoarse throat.

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