Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010, Day 249

Happy Labor Day! Today we were invited over to our neighbors’ house for their annual Labor Day party. I wore this beautiful, but very delicate,* Elizabeth and James dress I bought awhile back at Dash. Elizabeth and James is the “lower end” brand designed by the Olsen Twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate, and it is named for their younger brother and sister. Their “higher end” brand, The Row, has been getting a lot of press this season and it seems the Twins are quite involved in the whole design process, being enamored as they are with fashion and style. Girls after my own heart, really.

I have worn this dress only once before on our trip to the One & Only Palmilla in Cabo. When I wore it today, I received several compliments on the color which is a lovely shade of hyacinth.

I am standing in front of three photographs by William Christenberry we bought at Marc Selwyn’s gallery. Mr. Christenberry is a contemporary of William Egglestein and was highly influenced by his home state of Alabama and by the pioneering photographer Walker Evans. I especially love the photograph in the middle. It has a sign printed with the word “Pure” standing in the middle of a field which is anything but. The photograph on the bottom is an advertisement for a palm reader in the window of a dilapidated old shack (perhaps the clairvoyant in question knew better than to stick around?) and the one on the top is of a charming ruin along a country road. Each is like a small painting, capturing its subject in painterly colors and light.

*The fabric is a fine mesh and has already suffered a significant snag in the front near the hem.

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