Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010, Day 254

The original plans for tonight called for celebrating Etienne’s birthday at The London Hotel in West Hollywood, but Etienne had quite a week and elected instead for something quieter and closer to home. Gary, the kids and I brought over Etienne’s favorite food (KFC fried chicken – extra crispy) and some cupcakes to Mark and Etienne’s house. We had a very nice night with Ruby Jane and Omid too.

I am standing in our wine cellar wearing the dress I was planning on wearing to the London. It’s by A.L.C. and I bought it at Madison Gallery in Malibu. Maybe someday I will wear it out of the house.

Gary is a big collector of wine and likes to buy “verticals”* of different varieties. It’s so nice to have an expert in the house when selecting wine for various occasions.

*Verticals are consecutive years of a particular wine.

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