Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010, Day 262

I am so proud of my gorgeous niece Mackenzie for organizing this walk for the Lungevity Foundation. Her grandmother (Barry’s mom) died of Lung Cancer about a year and a half ago so it is an organization close to her (and her whole family's) heart. I just can’t get over what a beauty she has become, inside and out.

The 3.5 mile walk was around Lake Merrit in Oakland.* Elodie had a great time hanging out with her cousin (Mackenzie’s sister, my niece) Kellie and afterward we all (including Karen, Jim and Mackenzie’s boyfriend Tyler) went out to lunch.

I am wearing a pair of James Perse shorts and a James Perse long sleeve tee under my Lungevity t-shirt. Elodie and I went back home later in the evening and picked up Graydon from Hunter’s house. Gary won’t be home until Tuesday and we miss him very much.

*Despite having graduated from Mills College (also in Oakland), this was my first time at, and certainly around, the lake.

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