Monday, September 27, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010, Day 265

Last year I was invited to read Tarot cards at Rachel and Gillian’s Halloween party so I decided to dress up like a fortune teller.* I headed over to Hidden Treasures** one day with Rachel and walked in expecting to piece together a decent costume, but I never expected to find such PERFECT pieces. In one room I found this dazzling skirt, in another, the golden shrug. I found the head scarf and coin-jingling wrap around my waist in a trunk beside the front door and for under a hundred dollars, I had the best looking gypsy costume I have ever seen. I have loaned it out to a friend, but will hold onto it always just in case the mood strikes to dress up like a gypsy again.

I am sitting under another piece by Eric Johnson (see June 8). In the background is a collection of pool cues including two that Barry used to use.

I predict there will be an end to this blog very soon!

*I had Gary dress up like Zorro and we made quite the dashing couple.

**Hidden Treasures is a great little second hand store run from inside an old house in the middle of Topanga Canyon. It really is a “hidden treasure” for Halloween costumes.

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