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Friday, January 1, 2010, Day 1

Happy New Year!

I hereby officially kick off a year celebrating the clothes in my closet.  I pledge to wear everything in my closet at least once, going for as long as I can not repeating the same item twice.*  I will not buy anything new until I am through.**   Everyday, beginning today, I will take a photo of my outfit and write about it.*** 

I am unsure of the entertainment value of this project, but think it will be interesting in familiar posterity.  I would love to find something like this left behind by a batty old aunt really into fashion. 

Today I chose this beautiful caftan I bought from Planet Blue and some leggings from Erica Tarnov on Fillmore in San Francisco.  I woke up around twelve and knew I would spend the day reading and napping.  New Year’s Eve 2009 was the best in Simons history.  Gary and I had lunch and went shopping in Beverly Hills and then home to the kids.  We alternated listening to Gary’s record collection and watching old videos of Graydon and Elodie as babies.  Both of them got a kick out of drinking Martinellis from champagne glasses and Daddy made steak.  We all made it to midnight.  Gary and I sent the kids to bed just after the ball dropped on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve.

Such a beautiful night and this, as Mark Cutler says, “is what memories are made of.”  I felt beautiful and comfortable all day – a great way to start the New Year.

* Shoes, underwear, outerwear, “layering pieces” and accessories are exempt, although every effort will be made to wear everything at least once. 
**Exceptions include when traveling, but not within California.
*** On days where I change outfits, I will choose one outfit to photograph and write about.  All other clothes worn that day are not counted as being officially worn and will be subject to their own special photo and notation.